Production Technology

Fit for the purpose, reliable and customized

  • Engineering of a cross-fired glass melting tank for special glass
  • Process optimization of a processing fab for special glass
  • Strategic consulting and process optimization for processing of architectural glass
  • Engineering and installation of the automation of a new fab for thin-film solar modules (CdTe) with a capacity of 60MWp
  • Creation of machine specifications in the area of lamination
  • Specification, sourcing, implementation as well as ramp-up and acceptance of a special machine for edge grinding of coated thin-film substrates
  • Tool and process development for glass/glass and glass/backsheet solar modules on a specific Laminator
  • „Make or buy“analysis for a manufacturer of design showers including layout and business case
  • Specification and support of implementation to produce toughened glass for insulation glazing of the next generation (triple light weight insulation glazing)
  • Overview and use-value analysis of various printing technologies for flat glass
  • Generating a guide line for the development and introduction of alarm safety insulation glazing (alarm IG)
  • Final acceptance of a special flatbed tempering furnace (hot air cushion) for soda-lime glass for multi panel insulation glazing (processes, quality, yield, product range etc.)