Business Organization

Understand the processes and the numbers

  • Strategic consulting and process optimization for processing of architectural glass
  • Project management for a complete back-end of a new 90 MWp fab (CIGS) with 30 s cycle time
  • Technical due diligence of fabs thin-film solar modules
  • Specification and business case for two high throughput processing lines for solar glass with a cycle time below 7 seconds
  • Specification and business case for a 200 MWp fab for crystalline solar modules
  • Commercial due diligence of a manufacturer for touchless wafer handling systems
  • Tool and process development for glass/glass and glass/backsheet solar modules on a specific Laminator
  • Specification and business case for a fab for BIPV modules including definition of all tool suppliers
  • „Make or buy“analysis for a manufacturer of design showers including layout and business case
  • Interim management (COO) for a manufacturer of coating machines
  • Support for the accreditation of hardened glass with special properties
  • Economical and technical feasibility study of a special photovoltaic element integrated in insulation glazing (IG)