List of projects

A wide range of different Projects


  • Specification of a special purpose equipment for separation, contacting and power classification of flexible photovoltaic films in a roll to roll process.
  • Determination of the possible system suppliers for the above mentioned special devices including of the supplier pre selection.
  • Support of the customer until signing of the equipment supply agreement.


  • Project management for the so-called mid-end cluster and the line automation of a 300 MW thin film photovoltaic factory located in the P.R. China.
  • Analysis of a robot supported glass edge grinding equipment to enable a further iteration stage of the system.
  • Support during the elimination of deficiencies at single process equipments in a newly commissioned insulating glass manufacturing line.
  • Analysis of the processes at a new investment for the production of insulation glass, this contains the material flow, a bottle-neck-analysis, the employee qualification determination and the analysis of the all technical deficits.


  • Specification preparation and supplier selection for the line automation in a 300 MWp thin film photovoltaic factory (CIGS) located in the P.R. China
  • Specification preparation and supplier selection for the mid-end equipments in a 300 MWp thin film photovoltaic factory (CIGS) located in the P.R. China
  • Trouble shooting in a photovoltaic module production line with standard crystallin cells in Tunisia
  • Project management for the mid-end cluster of a 300 MWp thin film photovoltaic factory located in the P.R. China
  • Commissioning support and acceptance of a production line for the cutting of flat glass (float and laminated glass) including of further processing to insulation glazing with all automation issues (buffer- and sort system)


  • Workshop about manufacturing of toughened float glass for a system supplier
    • Concept and technology comparisons of different tempering technologies
    • Calculation of the product specific manufacturing costs of the various technologies by software supported methods
    • Identification and evaluation of reasons that influence purchasing decisions of customers.
  • Support during the commissioning and acceptance of production lines for multi-pane insulating glass in a major project
    • Analysis and documentation of technical and organizational deficits
    • Communication between both parties (supplier and customer) regarding of possible solutions and open issues.
    • Tracking of corrective actions and evaluation of effectiveness
    • Identification and documentation of conceptual improvements for the production systems from the viewpoint of the plant operators
  • Technical analysis on a prototype for manufacture of multi-pane insulating glass with classic spacer systems as well as with thermoplastic spacers (hot melt butyl)
    • Technical analysis of the applicator for the thermoplastic spacer (TPS)
    • Determination of the necessary adjustments for the modules downstream of the TPS-Application. This mainly concerns the insulating glass press equipment and sealing robot.
  • Acceptance test procedure and production support at a reinstalled plastic window production
    • Compliance of specification
    • Performance
    • Availability
    • Quality
    • Exekution
    • Residual deficiencies
  • Support during commissioning and acceptance of several vacuum laminators for encapsulating photovoltaic modules which are integrated in a production line.
    • Line integration of the systems for full- and semi-automatic mode as well for manual operation
    • Setting of processes and the optimization of these
    • Appropriate communication with the end customer
    • Creation of a catalog with optimization measures for the next generation of systems
  • Support by the planning of a insulating glass manufacturing with integrated cutting equipment for laminated glass and a tempering furnace for toughened and heat strengthened glass in a greenfield project.
  • Complete specification
  • Technical negotiations with potential equipment suppliers


  • Final acceptance and commissioning of a production line for the production of flat glass (float, laminated and toughened glass) and further use in insulation glazing.
    • Performance
    • Uptime evaluation
    • Quality aspects
    • Workmanship
    • Remaining deficiencies
  • Support of a machine supplier for final acceptance of a newly developed horizontal lamination line for the vacuum lamination of solar modules.
    • Supply of Know-how from solar module production in final acceptance procedures for such machines
    • Communication with the customer in regards to credible acceptance procedures and the correct evaluation of the results from quality and performance procedures
  • Technical Due Diligence for an M&A process. A c-Si module fab was for sale. Due to governmental regulations, it was not only necessary to evaluate the object for sale but also the buyer. This was performed by one of the worldwide top four auditing firms for which mpm:tec has been working for years.
    The due diligence covered:
    • Equipment
    • Processes
    • Personnel
    • Logistics
    • Validity of expansion and investment planning

* Auditing of a production for solar inverters

  • Equipment
  • Processes
  • Personnel
  • Logistics
  • Quality assurance
  • Management

  • Process optimization and structuring of recipes of a roller pre-lamination line for laminated glass.
    • Analysis regarding the general state of the pre-lamination line
    • Categorization of the main problems
    • Analysis of the existing recipes
    • Correction of said recipes
    • Test and further optimization
  • Employee development/ Coaching
    • 360°-Feedback for a foreman; flat glass processing
    • Impart theoretic background for process control and complementation of practical Know-how
  • Analysis of the company organization of a flat glass processor
    • Analysis of the technical and organizational obstructions that prevent proper productivity improvements
  • Support to specify and realize the re-organization for a production of windows for buildings
    • Creation of the user requirement specification for the logistics concept and automation
    • Coordination with the suppliers
  • Support in planning of an insulation glazing line with integrated cutting and toughening of the flat glass (greenfield approach)
    • Creation of the complete user requirements specification
    • Discussion with the potential equipment suppliers


  • Development of a tool to calculate production costs for pre-products made from float glass (laminated glass, toughened and hardened glass) for use in high end multi panel insulation glazing (IG)
  • Overview and use-value analysis of various printing technologies for flat glass
  • Specifications and project management support for a fully automated production of float, toughened, hardened and laminated glass for multi panel insulation glazing (IG)
  • Generating a guide line for the development and introduction of alarm safety insulation glazing (alarm IG)
  • Support for the accreditation of hardened glass with special properties
  • Final acceptance of a special flatbed tempering furnace (hot air cushion) for soda-lime glass for multi panel insulation glazing (processes, quality, yield, product range etc.)
  • Economical and technical feasibility study of a special photovoltaic element integrated in insulation glazing (IG)
  • Support for specification and integration of a special version of a digital printer for ceramic ink to print on ceramic coated strip steel


  • Tool and process development for glass/glass and glass/backsheet solar modules on a specific laminator
  • Specification and business case for a fab for BIPV modules including definition of all tool suppliers
  • „Make or buy“analysis for a manufacturer of design showers including layout and business case
  • Specification and support of implementation to produce toughened glass for insulation glazing of the next generation (triple light weight insulation glazing)
  • Interim management (COO) for a manufacturer of coating machines


  • Specification, sourcing, implementation as well as ramp-up and acceptance of a special machine for edge grinding of coated thin-film substrates
  • Conception of transport packaging for thin-film glass/glass solar modules including qualifying of the various types of packaging
  • Project to optimize the static load strength of glass/glass solar modules
  • Process development for the lamination of glass/glass BIPV modules with PVB foil via autoclave
  • Specification and business case for two high throughput processing lines for solar glass with a cycle time below 7 seconds
  • Specification and business case for a 200 MWp fab for crystalline solar modules
  • Commercial due diligence of a manufacturer for touchless wafer handling systems


  • Project management for the ramp-up of a complete back-end of a new 90 MWp fab (CIGS) with 30s cycle time
  • Creation of machine specifications in the area of lamination
  • Technical due diligence of fabs thin-film solar modules
  • Technical consulting of various thin-film solar fabs


  • Glass and foil logistics for a fab for thin-film solar modules (a-Si)
  • Project management for the retro-fit of a thin-film fab (CIGS) to reduce the cycle time
  • Project management for a complete back-end of a new 90 MWp fab (CIGS) with 30 s cycle time


  • Engineering and installation of the automation of a new fab for thin-film solar modules (CdTe) with a capacity of 60MWp
  • Engineering of a glass processing fab for solar applications including business case
  • Technical consulting of various manufacturers for thin-film solar modules
  • Strategic consulting and process optimization for processing of architectural glass


  • Engineering of a cross-fired glass melting tank for special glass
  • Process optimization of a processing fab for special glass
  • Strategic consulting and process optimization for processing of architectural glass
  • Sales of machines for digital printing with ceramic ink on flat glass